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Loftii: How to Donate to Mentors International Without Paying Anything

Help end extreme poverty — it costs you nothing.

Have you always wondered how you can help end global poverty without spending anything extra?

We’ve got great news—now you can support Mentors International in your everyday life in a new way. Introducing Loftii, a simple browser extension that supports the movement while you shop online. Loftii helps you donate to Mentors International without paying anything!

Let’s repeat that: it won’t cost you anything extra, and it will make a big difference!

How It Works

Loftii works with supporting retailers to donate a percentage of each online purchase you make to Mentors International. This means you don’t pay anything extra and the retailer donates to us, your favorite nonprofit, on your behalf! How cool is that?

Loftiis Retailers

And there aren’t only a couple donating retailers with this, either. There are hundreds of online stores to choose from, with places like Groupon, Target, Marriott and so many others.

Huge shoutout to all the retailers who are on board with this. We think it’s awesome!


How To Set It Up

Easy as pie. Sign up on our Mentors International page, install the Loftii browser extension and you’re all set. As you shop, the extension will let you know when you’re with a supporting retailer that will donate, so it’s super easy for you.


Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Now, go shopping and see how much you’re helping!

Every cent donated to us goes directly back into ending extreme poverty. Feel awesome knowing that you’re supporting the movement, one online purchase at a time.


What YOU Can Do

We’ve been using Loftii and we love it — it makes us so excited every time we shop online, since a portion of each sale is donated to back to us.

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