Starting a new career at the age of 51 can be frightening.

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Maisyang took out a high-interest loan to rebuild her home. Combined with the household expenses and the cost of sending her four daughters to school, her money from selling vegetables was not enough to cover these costs. She didn’t know what she was going to do. That was when Mentors International in Nepal came into her life.

After completing the business lessons, she took out a micro-loan of about $800. She used half of the money to purchase goats and the other half to buy supplies to make the goat pen. Our mentor asked her why she chose this business when she applied for her loan. Her reply was, “The business lesson on “Know What Sells” really hit me. The demand for meat is high in this market. I can make use of the surplus crops from my field to feed the animals. I already have some knowledge about goat farming, and my husband and children are there to help. I had 17 goats. I have already sold 10 of them. Today our life is much better than before.”

Maisyang has already paid back her small loan from Mentors International. In addition, she has made significant gains in paying back her personal debts.

With gratitude, Maisyang says, “The business training and the loan became the basis for my success. Without it, I would not be where I am today. Mentors International is different from other organizations. We receive regular mentoring and expert technical support. I want to thank Mentors International for the good work they do.”

Starting a new career at the age of 51 can be frightening. Maisyang is such a good example to the other women in her training group that they elected her to become their chairwoman. She inspires others to follow suit, and they are working on becoming entrepreneurs like her.

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