"Being in Africa literally changed my perspective on so many facets of my life. I knew it would be amazing, I just didn’t realize quite how impactful it would be."

– Mel from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

At Mentors International, we know that people aren’t looking for a handout. They want to become more self-reliant. They just need a hand up to get them started on their journey.

Help Mentors International and Mel’s Kitchen Cafe lift families from poverty by making a tax-deductible donation today.  Your contribution, no matter the size, will change the lives of individuals suffering in poverty forever.

We pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility and transparency. We have consecutively been awarded the highest level from Guidestar.  

Mentors Minute

Want to see how donations like yours are making a difference throughout the world? We will send you quick monthly updates.

“I am blown away by how much has been donated already! Thank you! I truly believe that each dollar given to Mentors will continue to give over and over and over; I hope this number continues to rise! Knowing that so many lives in Ghana will be changed FOREVER because of you, is incredibly humbling. Thank you!”  – Mel 

If you prefer not to give online, download this form and mail your check to: Mentors International, 65 East Wadsworth Park Dr, Suite 207, Draper, Utah 84020.

For additional questions about making a donation, to donate securities, wire a donation, or to inquire about customizing financial involvement with Mentors International, please contact us at 801.676.7776 or email info@mentorsinternational.org.

Other ways to donate and help those living in extreme poverty.

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