Mentors International Leadership Team

Our leadership team is founded in our core values that we care, connect, and customize to each individual.

Ron Dunford

CEO and President

Before joining Mentors International Ron served as the President of Schreiber Foods US. A global, employee-owned business with annual sales of more than $5 billion. Ron is eager to help grow Mentors International as we work to help provide those in extreme poverty with the opportunity to become self-reliant. Through his work and other charity involvement, Ron has personally witnessed the extreme poverty in the world. He feels deeply committed to helping those in need through the self-reliant programs that Mentors International provides. 

Ron has spent over 35 years in the dairy industry with roles in operations, sales/marketing, and executive leadership. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Schreiber Foods, Cypress Five Star, Inc. and the CP Center of NE Wisconsin. In the food industry, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Dairy Foods Association and is Chairman of the National Cheese Institute.

Ron is eager to come back to Utah where he first earned his B.S. degree from Utah State University in Logan. Ron and his wife Dana have two married sons and they are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren. They are involved in the community and church activities, they love to travel and they enjoy sports activities of all kinds. With his personal time, you will find Ron in the outdoors hiking, biking or skiing.

David Stump

Chief Financial Officer

David’s financial experience has come from serving as Vice President of Finance and Controller for the international headquarters of Children’s Miracle Network (17 years). He was part of a leadership team responsible for increasing annual fundraising from $89 million to $240 million during his tenure – over $2 billion in funds raised altogether. His role in the nonprofit industry has allowed him to wear many hats that have contributed to his overall business acumen. David currently serves as Treasurer on the board of the Children’s Medical and Research Charities of America. David received his Bachelor of Art degree in Finance from Utah State University. Additionally, he holds a masters degree in Nonprofit Management (MNM) from Regis University, graduating with Honors.

Nathan McClellan

Vice President of International Operations

Nathan holds a degree in Economics and has a strong passion for microfinance and how it can be used to help the poor. Prior to Mentors, Nathan spent three years working in Market Research where he worked in sample procurement and sample analytics. Nathan has also engaged in several small entrepreneurial endeavors over the years and enjoys working with small businesses of his own and those of our Mentors clients. In May of 2013, Nathan temporally moved his family to Manila, Philippines for nine months to closely work with and enlarge the impact the organization is having on the poor.

Emily Thomas

Program Manager

Emily Thomas received her BA from BYU and her MA from the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester in International Development Management. While living in the UK, she loved researching the effect of education for girls in developing countries as well as conducting fieldwork in Northern Uganda. Her interests include capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, impact evaluation, data analysis and improving inefficiencies and has enjoyed using these interests while consulting for various NGOs. She is excited to assist Mentors International to expand and further develop their programs. When she’s not in the office, she loves spending her time traveling, with her family, or doing just about anything in the mountains.

Sarah Barrett

Director of Marketing

Sarah Barrett has worked in the non-profit sector for over 12 years. Previous to her position at Mentors International, she worked for the Utah Safety Council helping to promote their mission of saving lives through education and training. Sarah has a background is marketing, communication, and website design. Sarah enjoys running and experimenting with new recipes. She also likes to hike and explore the National Parks with her husband and three kids. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mentors International and truly believes this organization will help end generational poverty for those it serves.

Melanie Winterton

Office Manager

Melanie Winterton came to Mentors because of her love for humanitarian aid and serving others. Before joining Mentors, Melanie worked for five years as an office manager and human resource manager. In her free time, Melanie enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with her family. She is studying to learn Spanish.  Melanie feels very blessed to be part of an organization that does much good in alleviating poverty in the world.

International Staff

Our International Leadership Team is native to the countries whey they serve. They are deeply connected to the communities and the people they help.

Dean Nolasco Bermudez

Executive Director - Philippines

Dean Nolasco Bermudez has been working for Mentors International since 2002 when he started as a Project Officer. He helped mentor and train our clients in the Philippines as they were working to qualify for their loans. Since then he has worked as a Program Manager, Branch Manager, and in 2016 he was promoted to the Executive Director for the Philippines Branch of Mentors International. He believes in the mission of Mentors International. While working for Mentors International he went back to school and received a second degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Human Resource. He is a dedicated and loving husband and father with four kids.

Perfecto Gonzaga Calipes

Deputy Executive Director - Philippines

Perfecto Gonzaga Calipes, Jr. holds an MBA from Ateneo de Davao University. Before joining Mentors Philippines in 2006, Calipes, spent over 16 years in the banking industry. Calipes was happy to help share his skill in finances with those in his community to help lift families out of poverty. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

Daniel Alberto Rodríguez Sierra

Regional Director of Operations for Latin America

Daniel Alberto Rodrigues Sierra, was born and raised Guatemala City. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and an MBA specializing in Finance and Marketing from Atlantic International University. Sierra previously served as the Executive Director in Mentors Guatemala, but was promoted in 2008 as to provide supervision to all Mentors’ Latin American programs.

Gloria De Castellanos

Program Director - Guatemala/El Salvador

Gloria de Castellanos holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology Science and Business Administration from a prestigious Guatemalan University.  Originally from Guatemala City, Castellanos feels blessed and grateful for being part of an organization with such lofty aims, which blesses the lives of everyone involved, not only clients, but also the their families; especially the poor children.

Otoniel Manley

Executive Director - Honduras

Otoniel Manley is a creative Engineer who loves to solve problems. His goal is to surpass each and every goal in his life. He is an optimistic believer and a natural entrepreneur. Before Mentors Honduras, Manley worked as General Manager in a family business, and also as Logistics and Production Manager in a screen printing plant.  He more than doubled productivity in every case. Born and raised in a poor environment himself, he was able to receive excellent academic and spiritual education which has prepared his mind and heart to serve and understand Mentors’ Honduras clients.

Julian Sarria

Executive Director - Peru

Julian Sarria has a Bachelor in Education with an emphasis in Computer Science and Information Systems. Sarria also holds Microfinance Certification from Peruvian Catholic University. He is very committed with Microfinance Development and the use of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) as tools for poverty reduction. Before joining Mentors Peru, Sarria served in Peru as Counsel and then Chief of the “Microfinance and ICT” of a National Project of a Consortium of 16 foundations that engage in microfinance under the methodology of community banks and solidarity groups, innovating in service delivery microfinance using technology.

Enyonam K Mensah-Dotsey

Executive Director - Ghana

Enyonam Mensah-Dotsey is an innovative person who uses creative ways in handling all challenges. A visionary who is passionate about poverty alleviation and reformation. He has worked as an accountant with a multinational organization, board member and investment advisor of a Microfinance institution, and project coordinator in a pension fund organization. Mensah-Dotsey brings experience in business and strategic planning, and entrepreneurship to Mentors Ghana’s clients. He held many leadership roles in various social groups.  He holds an MBA in Finance.