Micro-credit, or a micro-loan, is the extension of very small business loans at affordable interest rates. With these small loans, people work their way out of poverty by building businesses and generating steady incomes.

With Mentors International’s guiding principle of giving a hand up, not a handout, the donor-recipient relationship is transformed. We serve only individuals and families who demonstrate integrity, quality character, and the motivation to permanently lift themselves out of poverty.

Thanks to generous donations, Mentors International is able to provide loans to those who would otherwise have no access to credit or other financial services. As these micro- loans are paid back, the funds are then put back into the loan fund to help another family, making your donation perpetual. 

Most people, especially women in developing countries who live in poverty, don’t have access to banks. Their only options are a village loan shark who charges very high-interest rates of up to 20% each day on a tiny loan. Hard-earned profits go straight back into the loan shark’s pocket, and people are locked in a cycle of debt repayments which leave them with almost no profit to show for their routine 80+ hour work-week. This harmful lending practice is common in developing countries.

These worthy entrepreneurs have no other resources available to help them expand their businesses and improve their families’ well-being.

Mentors International is able to extend credit to those who demonstrate integrity and motivation after attending our business training courses. Now, these worthy entrepreneurs now have financial resources, educational training, and ongoing mentoring needed to grow and expand their businesses. Our proven business model has been experiencing great success for 29 years. Our repayment rate is an astounding 97%. 

With micro-credit, the poor gain the ability to work their way out of poverty, one step at a time.

As their incomes increase, these entrepreneurs become able to feed their children nutritious foods, buy books and school uniforms, and pay tuition for better schools. Many eventually hire additional employees in their growing businesses, creating jobs and providing income to more families.

A micro-loan is a solution for the hard working poor. Our entrepreneurs know that if they repay their micro-loans, they can take out additional, even bigger loans for in the future.

Microloans enable poor entrepreneurs to:

  • Purchase tools and raw materials
  • Increase product variety
  • Improve product quality
  • Enhance productivity and hire additional employees
  • Satisfy a niche market demand

Read some of the thousands of stories of the families who are finding great success through the programs offered by Mentors International.


Not Just Loans


Mentors International provides an array of financial services including savings accounts, death benefits, independent loans, insurance products, and training.


Our mentors teach these impoverished entrepreneurs to create a vision for their families and their businesses and help them understand that they can achieve so much more than they think they can.

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Business Training

We provide personalized business training that helps these struggling entrepreneurs make sound business and financial decisions. Teaching life skills and principles, fostering leadership, and commitment. 

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Our Impact

During 2018, thanks to generous donations we loaned out over $4.8 million USD to impoverished entrepreneurs throughout the world. The number of families and communities we are able to serve is continually growing. 

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