The local economy is slowly reviving, and he is beginning to get more orders.

Nabaraj lives with his wife Ishwori, their three children, and his mother, who they care for. His teenage children are all in school, which they feel is a great blessing. Nabaraj works in his carpentry shop all day while his wife helps tend their garden.

When COVID arrived in Nepal and the Thaha Municipality, he was forced to close his business because of the strict lockdowns. Over the last couple of years, his enterprise was barely surviving. He was always on the verge of permanently shutting down month to month. However, things are starting to open up once again in Nepal. The local economy is slowly reviving, and he is beginning to get more orders. At this critical time in his life is was grateful to find Mentors International and the business training and mentoring we provide.

Nabaraj said, “I learned many new and important skills from the business training I received. I am operating my business in a much different and better way now. I am much more effective. I really needed the training and the mentoring after the long harm from the pandemic.”

He has been applying the principles from training, such as making a business plan, knowing the business, keeping financial records, marketing to larger audiences, and more. With suggestions from his mentors, he was able to add new tools and introduce new technology into the business. As a result, he made a profit of about $2500 last year. It is not much, but he is improving.

He said, “I am full of thanks to Mentors International for putting me back on the road to recovery.”

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