With your help, families in struggling communities throughout the world are breaking free from the cycle of poverty through education and entrepreneurship.

93% of your donation goes directly to our mentoring and training programs and helping to fund these life-changing micro-loans. Learn more about our fiscal responsibility.

It’s easy for people to feel trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. This is especially true for families who live in struggling third world economies. With little access to education, training, or financial resources, this cycle of poverty can last for generations. It doesn’t have to be like this anymore.

After a civil conflict destroyed Virginia’s family farm and left her with next to nothing she didn’t know where to turn.

“Mentors International believed in me. They supported me and provided the resources to grow my business. My children are in school and I have been able to make improvements to our home. Thank you Mentors International for bringing hope to the hopeless.”  

In October 2019, Mentors International and Lifting Generations two leading mentoring organizations merged their international and domestic operations, creating one of the largest nonprofit organizations focused on empowering, mentoring, and teaching the world’s poor.

We are taking the best of both organizations and creating an innovative and world-class mentoring and educational organization that will help teach and empower the poor on their journey towards sustainable long-term self-reliance.

How your donation helps families create a new legacy and a path to greater self-reliance.

Attend Training

The families we work with have little to no education. Our educational certificate classes and our business development training programs are designed to help these impoverished individuals find better jobs or successfully start and improve their businesses.

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Apply For a Loan

These developing entrepreneurs then apply for a micro-loan which they will use to invest in their businesses. With our perpetual loan model, your donations impact becomes greater.

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Grow Their Business

As these entrepreneurs grow in self-reliance they become able to:

  • Afford to feed their families nutritional meals
  • Send their children to school
  • Build Better Homes
  • Save For the Future

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Ongoing Mentoring

Continual mentoring and encouragement is received along the way contributing to an even greater success rate.

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At Mentors International, we know that people aren’t looking for a handout. They want to become more self-reliant.
They just need a hand up to 
get them started on their journey.

With mentoring and education, individuals can start their journey.

We know it’s easy to feel like there is nothing you can do help these families living in extreme poverty.

Every donation, no matter the size will help end the cycle of poverty and pave the way to greater self-reliance.

How Your Donation Helps

Watch our video to see how your donation helps lift the poor to greater self-reliance.

Your donation does this by helping aspiring individuals receive essential ongoing mentoring and critical education, personal development and business skills training, and if needed a small loan, allowing them to work with dignity to support their families.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

— Oprah Winfrey

Success Stories

Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills

“I am loving teaching and mentoring in La Romana, Dominican Republic this semester. One young man that we have met, and whom we are excited to begin teaching, is named Jose. Jose is stuck as a wage worker at an empanada stand in a country that’s minimum wage equates...

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Today, Marta is the Boss

Today, Marta is the Boss

In search of success, Marta Trujillo Meza is always looking for new opportunities to get ahead and improve her life.  Marta arrived in Lima, Peru from the jungle area of Huanuco, Peru when she was twenty-five years old. She had six children and big dreams to fulfill....

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Having a Positive Outlook on Life

Having a Positive Outlook on Life

“Doña María has a very positive outlook on life. Day by day, little by little, she tries to improve her quality of life and that of her whole family, and that is something to admire.” - Eduardo López, her mentor from Mentors Guatemala. With the advice from Mentors...

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I received so much more than just a loan.

I received so much more than just a loan.

“I love my family and I want to make sure that I can take good care of them.” Rolando, from Guatemala. Rolando and Maria Sinay are the happy parents of two beautiful daughters, Maria Everilda, 11 years-old, and Ashlin Estella, 9 years-old. They are a close family and...

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Who We Are At Mentors International

At Mentors International, we know in developing countries it is nearly impossible for families to lift themselves out of poverty. People want to provide stability for their families and improve their living situations, but they don’t know how. With limited access to education, training and access to financial resources many feel helpless and trapped in a cycle of poverty that has lasted for generations. Mentors International is making lasting differences for countless families each year.