Shanti was recently elected to serve on the municipal council in her community.

Shanti thanks Mentors International, and according to her, “You’ve mentored me to grow as an entrepreneur and also as a leader.” She shares, “I will keep helping the municipality understand the important roles small businesses being run at the family level play, and the roles they have played in reducing poverty. I will continually urge the municipal to make plans and policies that reflect the aspirations of these business owners.”

As Shanti attended our business development training courses, her skills improved. She learned organization skills, and as she was working with the mentoring groups and presenting her business ideas during the training lessons, she emerged as a leader.

July is the peak time for planting in Nepal and the critical time for financial planning within the council. Shanti says, “I am making a good balance among my family, business, and society.”

Shanti, her husband Bishnu, and their three children all help with their enterprises. They raise cattle, grow vegetables, and sell agricultural tools. After working with Mentors International, they started raising and selling pigs. It started as a $200 investment, and they have now made $1,000 in revenue.

Thanks to the mentoring lessons they have received, they have been managing not only their business expenses but their personal expenses as well. They have started a savings box and are continually adding to it.

Farmers in this region are worried because the cost of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is increasing. Shanti is following the suggestions made by the Mentors to replace chemical fertilizers with organic ones. She sees positive results because of this change.

“We keep the customers our priority and make sure that we provide the best products in the market.” Shanti shares with a smile.

Shanti appreciates the mentoring program and shares, “What I like about Mentors International is that it has included small farmers in this program. You’ve been teaching very small but very powerful principles to these entrepreneurs. Those are crucial in improving our businesses. We, the entrepreneurs, are grateful for the mentors who are constantly helping us and wanting us to improve our lives. This program has built the confidence of myself, my husband, and other entrepreneurs in our community. I encourage all the small farmers to join the Mentors International program.”

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