After 29 years of experience serving the poor, we have found that often the most important resources is not just a micro-loan. Entrepreneurs need to first have the vision, knowledge, and confidence to work toward a new future. 

Many of our clients have had little education and even fewer opportunities. We teach them to create a vision for their families and their businesses, while helping them understand that they can do more than they think they can.

We help our clients learn how to develop a business plan while teaching basic business skills such as inventory control, money management, and marketing. Our training is dynamic and customized to fit specific personal situations. Often these entrepreneurs create successful business opportunities in ways we could not have predicted.

In 2018 we started the process of improving our training curriculum. We are creating customized training modules supported with supplemental videos which will be recorded in each countries’ respective native language. We are packaging this program so even those living in the most remote villages can benefit from this new and enhanced curriculum. We are excited to start testing this new curriculum in 2019.

During 2018 our branches held

Training Meetings

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

School is not a possibility for those whose families don’t make enough to provide even the basic essentials. As a result, few are able to progress in their education.

With just a simple micro-loan and no training or mentoring, people don’t have the knowledge to fully develop their businesses.

Mentors International provides personalized training and consulting services that help the poor to make sound business and financial decisions. Teaching life skills and principles that foster leadership and commitment, Mentors International trains clients to cut costs, to create additional product lines, and to manage their personal finances.

Such an education, combined with micro-loans, gives mothers and families the tools to increase their incomes and expand their businesses now and into the future.

They make a difference in their villages and experience the great dignity that comes through self-reliance.



Our mentors teach these impoverished entrepreneurs to create a vision for their families and their businesses and help them understand that they can achieve so much more than they think they can.

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Financial Services

Microcredit, or a micro-loan is just one part of the solution in ending extreme poverty. Mentors International provides an array of financial services including savings, life insurance options, and independent loans. 

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Our Impact

During 2018, thanks to generous donations we loaned out over $4.8 million USD to impoverished entrepreneurs throughout the world. The number of families and communities we are able to serve is continually growing. 

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