I took this picture (above) after hiking up each of these steps while visiting Kedar in Nepal earlier this summer. Kedar and his family have been farming this same land for generations, and for them farming is a labor of love. It is hard work, but they don’t complain because they are laboring to support their children and grandchildren. With his small loan Kedar was able to purchase fertilizer and necessary supplies to help ensure that his crop would thrive and flourish.

Bringing our training and mentoring programs to this region is new to them. Kedar had very little education when he was younger, but he is eager to learn and grow his farming enterprise. This excitement for learning is spreading throughout the Makwanpur district. We have given 245 loans in the short amount of time we have been operating in Nepal. The loan recipients are also receiving the business and financial literacy training we have been delivering in other countries for over 28 years. I have met and trained our mentors and they are eager to help make an impact throughout their communities.

We are still taking our first steps on this journey in Nepal, and we are excited to share more stories and updates from the field in future communications.

We are grateful for our partnership with Choice Humanitarian which made it possible for this branch in Nepal to operate.

Ron Dunford,
President and CEO

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