Nancy – El Salvador

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Nancy worked hard to raise her three children as a single mother. She ran a snack-selling business out of her home to keep up with the many responsibilities a mother has.

Despite her efforts, Nancy didn’t earn enough to grow her business. Covering the every-day necessities of her children took priority over any career aspirations she had.

While struggling to make end’s meet a client introduced Nancy to Mentors El Salvador. After learning what Mentors had to offer she took out a small loan.

With the loan, Nancy moved her business to a busy street to attract more customers. She began selling meat-filled scones called “empanadas” to passerby.

After evaluating the area with help from Mentors, Nancy also began selling enchiladas and various fried fruits and vegetables.

Nancy and her children now enjoy a more stable income. She paid off her loan quickly and has been able to invest even more into growing her business.

“The help Mentors offered me helped me reach my goals,” said Nancy. “Our lives have changed since we got the loan. We have what we need, and we are working harder than ever. Without the support of Mentors we never would have been able to do it.”

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