Alondra’s dream was to attend and graduate from a university.

Alondra’s dream was to attend and graduate from a university. She completed high school but didn’t have the funds to attend college. She knew that she needed to find a good-paying job to accomplish her goal.

Alondra was very excited when she learned about Mentors International in Nicaragua and their Call Center Training program. This course helped her improve her English fluency and grammar. As a result, she gained confidence in speaking English with others. She was also taught customer service skills as part of this course.

Alondra shares that the experience she had in the course was “incredible” because she could interact with good people, and the Mentors International staff always encouraged her to continue. She was grateful because she also learned how to be a better student. She also participated in the resume and job interview workshops that Mentors International provides for their students.

Alondra fulfilled her “Service Currency” requirement by volunteering in a children’s kitchen called MIMA. She helped clean the facilities and then prepared and distributed food to children living on the street.

Today, Alondra is thrilled. She has gotten a job as an English teacher at a language academy linked to her university. She is very grateful to Mentors International because now she can contribute to her family while attending and paying pay for her university education.

Alondra also told us that she feels committed to continuing to support Mentors International to repay the help she received.

Alondra’s teacher shares, “Alondra has always been a delightful young woman; she is always smiling. She likes to participate and, above all, to learn. I know she will be an excellent teacher and has a bright future.”

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