Our Success Stories

Maria Bruno – Peru

Meet Maria Bruno From Perú “It is never too late to be able to learn to live better.” – Ediberto & Maria Bruno In the district of San Miguel... Read More »

Ana Cutzal Sincal

Meet Ana Cutzal Sincal from Chiquimula, Guatemala “My mother was one of the best cooks in our village. She taught me everything that I know. I am... Read More »

Alejandra Noa Palomino

Meet Alejandra from Peru Many people might think that Alejandra is too old to start a business at the age of fifty-seven, but she is quick to... Read More »

Leah and Gil Eltagon

Meet Leah and Gil Eltagon, from the Philippines Leah and Gil Eltagon run a motorcycle and bicycle repair and parts shop in Davao, Philippines.  They are loving parents... Read More »

Tempora – Peru

Meet Tempora Chiroque Torres from Peru “The Mentors training has helped me in business and in life. I thank Mentors because I am able to track my... Read More »

Naomi – Ghana

Naomi Krang – Ghana Naomi Krang continues to be an inspiration and a pillar in her village. Recently, the Mentors Ghana staff came by to check on... Read More »

Update on Gladys – Ghana

Gladys – Ghana We first met Gladys a little over a year ago. (Read her first story.) She was beginning to grow her business on her path... Read More »

Banjamin – Ghana

Benjamin Obeng – Ghana Benjamin Obeng is a twenty-year-old high school graduate from Abomosu. The road he traveled to achieve his education was long and difficult. He... Read More »

Mavis – Ghana

Mavis Bontiwwa – Ghana Mavis Bontiwaa had learned the trade of hair dressing before she was married and had kids. Because she did not own a shop... Read More »

Isaac – Ghana

Isaac & Adwoa Ayim – Ghana Isaac Ayim lives in Abomosu, Ghana. He was a local herbal medicine seller who went to nearby villages to sell his... Read More »

Comfort – Ghana

Comfort Darkoa – Ghana Comfort Darkoa lives in a small village called Asamama, Ghana. She is a single mother with four children. She struggled daily, hoping to... Read More »

Hilda – Peru

Hilda Terrones – Peru Hilda is known as a brave, responsible and enterprising lady throughout her community.  When she was young, her parents and five siblings moved... Read More »

Juliet – Philippines

Juliet M. Banda – Philippines Juliet Banda is from Davao, Philippines. She is married and has three teenaged sons. Juliet is a strong spirited lady with a... Read More »

Rosa – Guatemala

Rosa Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala Rosa is an enterprising thirty-five-year-old mother of six from a remote community in Polochic, Guatemala. She and her husband grow and harvest... Read More »

Raul – Guatemala

Raul Enrique Tox Rax – Guatemala Raul is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Polochic, Guatemala.  He is married to Maria and they have a four-year-old son, Elderson. Raul... Read More »

Marta – Guatemala

Marta Lidia Morales – Guatemala Marta Lidia is a twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneurial woman from Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  She has been married to Oscar Chan for thirteen years. Marta has... Read More »

Natividad – Guatemala

Natividad Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala Natividad Felipe is a dedicated wife and mother. She is thirty-five years old and lives in Polochic, Guatemala with her husband and... Read More »

Roger – Philippines

Roger B. Claro – Philippines Roger Claro was born in Davao, Philippines, both of his parents were farmers. Though they were hard workers, money was not easily... Read More »

Mary – Philippines

Mary Joy Regalado – Philippines Mary Joy Regalado is from Manila, Philippines. She is a hardworking, patient and dedicated wife and mother. Mary and her husband struggled... Read More »

Anita – Philippines

Anita Sarmiento – Philippines Anita Sarmiento lives in Davao, Philippines and comes from a large family of twelve children. Her father was a laborer and her mother... Read More »

Margaret – Ghana

Margaret – Ghana Margaret was born and raised in the village of Awosoase, Ghana. As a single mother she often depended upon others in her family and... Read More »

Luis – Peru

Luis Ramirez Cordova – Peru Luis Ramirez Cordova is fifty years old, and lives in Lima Peru. He is married and has a four-year-old son whom he... Read More »

Maria – Peru

Maria Pillaca Noa – Peru Maria Pillaca Noa is a talented seamstress from Lima, Peru. From a young age, Maria was always independent and self-sufficient. Her father... Read More »

Reina – Honduras

Reina Guadalupe Menjivar Velasquez – Honduras Reina Velasquez is a talented hair dresser from Honduras. She is the sole income provider for her family. Her salon is... Read More »

Ramon and Bessy – Honduras

Ramon and Bessy Rivera – Honduras Ramon is the leader of a local Protestant church in Honduras. Seven years ago he married his neighbor and childhood sweetheart... Read More »

Maria – Guatemala

Maria Florentina Samol – Guatemala Maria Samol lives in Chiimaltenango, Guatemala. She and her husband work tirelessly to farm the land, growing vegetables and grains, and provide... Read More »

Marcial – Guatemala

Marcial Ajquejay – Guatemala Marcial Ajquejay is a very hard working farmer from Patzicia, Guatemala. As a husband and father, he has many aspirations and wants to... Read More »

Carlos – Guatemala

Carlos Cujcuj – Guatemala Carlos Cujcuj is a loving father from Chimaltenango, Guatemala. He is married, and has two daughters. He wants to give his daughters every... Read More »

Jovita – Philippines

Jovita Bontilao – Philippines Jovita Bontilao lives in Davao, Philippines. She is married and has six children. Her husband, Anastacio, is a farmer. Jonita is a determined and... Read More »

Melania – Peru

Melania Venancia Portilla – Peru Melania lives and works in Lima, Peru. She is humbled to share her story of love, success and perseverance. Melania has one... Read More »

Elisa – Peru

Elisa Violeta Sosa Asisclo – Peru Elisa is a beautiful, brave and responsible mother of three children. In hopes of providing a better life for her children... Read More »

Sebastiana – Guatemala

Sebastiana Tomas – Guatemala Work and responsibility are two values that were instilled in Sebastiana at a very young age. She is one of seven children, and was the... Read More »

Mario – Honduras

Mario Hernandez – Honduras Mario Hernandez and his wife Elena live in a small home covered in ivy. A beautiful family picture predominantly hangs in their living room. A... Read More »

Enrique – Guatemala

Enrique Lopez Morales – Guatemala Enrique is an optimistic entrepreneur who continues to set high goals and strive to do things better. He along with his wife and... Read More »

Ambrocio – Guatemala

Ambrocio Nicolas Bartolomin Xar – Guatemala Ambrocio Nicolas Bartolomin Xar was born in the village of Caman Patzicia Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Abrociio comes from a large family of ten... Read More »

Gladys – Ghana

Gladys – Ghana Gladys lives in the village of Sankubenase, Ghana. She is a refugee from Nigeria. When she was young she never finished her basic education because... Read More »

Ruth – PERU

Ruth Pari – Peru Mrs. Ruth Pari was born in the historic city of Cusco Peru. She and her husband currently live in Lima Peru. Together they... Read More »

Anita – Philippines

Anita Tampadong – Philippines Anita Tampadong is from the Philippines. She was raised knowing how to work hard. Money was very tight for her family, so she knew... Read More »

Jocelia – Philippines

Jocelia Barsaga – Philippines, San Rafael Center-Tondo Branch Jocelia Barsage only completed the fifth grade of elementary education. Because of poverty, she decided to go with her... Read More »

Roselyn – Philippines

Roselyn Ellazar: Sari-Sari Store & Computer Shop In 2013, a field mentor handed Roselyn a flyer explaining the program of Mentors Philippines (MP) and what loans are available... Read More »

Nancy – El Salvador

Nancy worked hard to raise her three children as a single mother. She ran a snack-selling business out of her home to keep up with the many... Read More »

Neyla – Peru

Neyla was only five when terrorists kidnapped her dad for being a leader in his village in Huánuco, Perú.  She witnessed the inhumane assassination of her father... Read More »
Amina – Ghana

Amina – Ghana

Amina and her husband Yusif live in Kwabeng, Ghana. They have been struggling to find a steady way to provide for their family. Life was quite unbearable,... Read More »
Rosemarie – Philippines

Rosemarie – Philippines

Rosemarie is a widow from the Philippines. Her parents were farmers and she received a mango farm as part of her inheritance when her parents passed away.... Read More »
Marta – Guatemala

Marta – Guatemala

Marta lives in a small village called Patio Bolas, in Tecpan, Guatemala. With her friend, Marta took the initiative to visit the Mentors Guatemala office in 2008.... Read More »
Sugeli - Honduras

Sugeli – Honduras

Sugeli lives in Potrerillos, Honduras with her two sons. Sugeli is an optimistic, kind, and hardworking person. Before working with Mentors Honduras, Sugeli sold fired chicken and... Read More »
Deysi - El Salvador

Deysi – El Salvador

Deysi has always been a hardworking woman. Many years ago she went to technical school to learn to make clothing. With her technical training, she tried to... Read More »
Julia – Peru

Julia – Peru

Julia sells grocery items outside the Institution for Minister of Education. She makes drinks and treats for a small stand that she has run by herself for... Read More »

Selina – Ghana

Selina’s bread has always been in high demand, but unfortunately, she couldn’t raise enough capital to increase her supply until she became involved with Mentors Ghana. With... Read More »
Cristy – Philippines

Cristy – Philippines

At the age of three, Cristy Bernado was adopted by her aunt when her parents could no longer afford to raise her. Reared by her kind aunt... Read More »
Juana – Guatemala

Juana – Guatemala

Juana Gomez Xico lives with her husband and children in Guatemala. They are farmers. Their crops include green beans, corn, squash, and other types of produce. Unfortunately,... Read More »
Eliza - Honduras

Eliza – Honduras

Eliza starts her days early. She feeds five children and her husband, and she makes sure they are ready by 7:00 am to go to school and... Read More »
Rosa - El Salvador

Rosa – El Salvador

Rosa had worked all her life as a machinist in a sweatshop. The long hours of work were hard on her family, but they needed the income.... Read More »
Luis and Lydia – Peru

Luis and Lydia – Peru

Luis Garcia is accomplished, to say the least. He is a science engineer, biologist, and currently studying psychology and chemical engineering. It is hard to imagine why... Read More »
Alomenu - Ghana

Alomenu – Ghana

In Ghana, Africa, Alomenu sold vegetables door-to-door and generated about 3 cedis ($0.75) a day. Her husband often had to travel to find work, leaving Alomenu to... Read More »
Rosalinda – Philippines

Rosalinda – Philippines

Rosalinda has been a client with Mentors Philippines for the past eight years. Before she joined Mentors International, Rosalinda already ran a small sari-sari store and also... Read More »
Imelda – Guatemala

Imelda – Guatemala

Imelda Sanum Zil and her husband, Odgas, have been married for nine years. They live in the area of Patzicia, Guatemala. Imelda worked with her husband in... Read More »
Nicolasa – Honduras

Nicolasa – Honduras

Every day for years, Nicolasa and her husband harvested coffee beans from dawn until dusk. The extremely arduous labor brought only meager wages. The couple’s income wasn’t... Read More »
Lucia - El Salvador

Lucia – El Salvador

Lucia was introduced to Mentors El Salvador through a friend. That was several years ago when Lucia had a small food stand and barely survived. Today, thanks... Read More »
Gabriella – Peru

Gabriella – Peru

There are 3800 different types of potatoes in Peru. Everybody agrees that the birthplace of the potato is in South America. If you have ever feasted on... Read More »
Gladys - Ghana

Gladys – Ghana

Gladys is just one of 300 clients living in villages surrounding Abomosu. She owns a palm manufacturing center. Due to the lack of banks in her area,... Read More »
Teresita – Philippines

Teresita – Philippines

7% Donated/$1,850 To Go
Teresita is turning her once-small sari sari store into a well-established grocery store. Read More »
Silvia – Guatemala

Silvia – Guatemala

Silvia is 25 years old. Prior to finding Mentors Guatemala, she couldn’t find a job and didn’t have an income. A very hard worker, she had graduated... Read More »
Natividad - Honduras

Natividad – Honduras

During the time he worked as a salesman for two different companies, Natividad Gomez Lara was robbed seven times and eventually shot. He narrowly escaped with his... Read More »
Sandra - El Salvador

Sandra – El Salvador

Sandra, a hardworking single mother, knew that her family needed a better life. Although the father provided economic support, it was not enough to cover the needs... Read More »
Maria – Peru

Maria – Peru

The small community of Huasemol is in Peru and has about 300 residents. Like other rural towns, the houses are very spread out. The Silva family lives... Read More »