Our Success Stories

Honduras Farming Project

Honduras Farming Project Christmas presents arrived early for farmers in Pena Blanca, Naco, and Santa Barbara. They looked like kids with new toys as they were unwrapping... Read More »

Rosa Ramona Perez Lopez

Meet Rosa from Guatemala Doña Rosa Ramona Pérez López and her family worked a small farm that helped to feed their family and provided them with a... Read More »


Micaela Sales Hernández from Guatemala Latin America grows some of the best-tasting potatoes in the world. Micaela Sales Hernández is a potato farmer from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. In... Read More »

Ayama Korkor

Ayama Korkor from Ghana Some say it began with a small loan of only $105 USD, but Ayama credits the training and mentoring she received from Mentors... Read More »

Rosalin Ugos

Meet Rosalin Ugos from the Philippines “When I was little my family had to flee our village in Loay because of the war. We had to start all... Read More »

Aurora Gavino

Meet Aurora Gavino from Lima, Peru “Mentors Peru has been a great help to me. I have been able to move my family and my business forward.... Read More »

Maria Bruno – Peru

Meet Maria Bruno From Perú “It is never too late to be able to learn to live better.” – Ediberto & Maria Bruno In the district of San Miguel... Read More »

Ana Cutzal Sincal

Meet Ana Cutzal Sincal from Chiquimula, Guatemala “My mother was one of the best cooks in our village. She taught me everything that I know. I am... Read More »

Alejandra Noa Palomino

Meet Alejandra from Peru Many people might think that Alejandra is too old to start a business at the age of fifty-seven, but she is quick to... Read More »

Leah and Gil Eltagon

Meet Leah and Gil Eltagon, from the Philippines Leah and Gil Eltagon run a motorcycle and bicycle repair and parts shop in Davao, Philippines.  They are loving parents... Read More »

Tempora – Peru

Meet Tempora Chiroque Torres from Peru “The Mentors training has helped me in business and in life. I thank Mentors because I am able to track my... Read More »

Naomi – Ghana

Naomi Krang – Ghana Naomi Krang continues to be an inspiration and a pillar in her village. Recently, the Mentors Ghana staff came by to check on... Read More »

Update on Gladys – Ghana

Gladys – Ghana We first met Gladys a little over a year ago. (Read her first story.) She was beginning to grow her business on her path... Read More »

Banjamin – Ghana

Benjamin Obeng – Ghana Benjamin Obeng is a twenty-year-old high school graduate from Abomosu. The road he traveled to achieve his education was long and difficult. He... Read More »

Mavis – Ghana

Mavis Bontiwwa – Ghana Mavis Bontiwaa had learned the trade of hair dressing before she was married and had kids. Because she did not own a shop... Read More »

Isaac – Ghana

Isaac & Adwoa Ayim – Ghana Isaac Ayim lives in Abomosu, Ghana. He was a local herbal medicine seller who went to nearby villages to sell his... Read More »

Comfort – Ghana

Comfort Darkoa – Ghana Comfort Darkoa lives in a small village called Asamama, Ghana. She is a single mother with four children. She struggled daily, hoping to... Read More »

Hilda – Peru

Hilda Terrones – Peru Hilda is known as a brave, responsible and enterprising lady throughout her community.  When she was young, her parents and five siblings moved... Read More »

Juliet – Philippines

Juliet M. Banda – Philippines Juliet Banda is from Davao, Philippines. She is married and has three teenaged sons. Juliet is a strong spirited lady with a... Read More »

Rosa – Guatemala

Rosa Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala Rosa is an enterprising thirty-five-year-old mother of six from a remote community in Polochic, Guatemala. She and her husband grow and harvest... Read More »

Raul – Guatemala

Raul Enrique Tox Rax – Guatemala Raul is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Polochic, Guatemala.  He is married to Maria and they have a four-year-old son, Elderson. Raul... Read More »

Marta – Guatemala

Marta Lidia Morales – Guatemala Marta Lidia is a twenty-eight-year-old entrepreneurial woman from Chimaltenango, Guatemala.  She has been married to Oscar Chan for thirteen years. Marta has... Read More »

Natividad – Guatemala

Natividad Ortiz Felipe – Guatemala Natividad Felipe is a dedicated wife and mother. She is thirty-five years old and lives in Polochic, Guatemala with her husband and... Read More »

Roger – Philippines

Roger B. Claro – Philippines Roger Claro was born in Davao, Philippines, both of his parents were farmers. Though they were hard workers, money was not easily... Read More »

Mary – Philippines

Mary Joy Regalado – Philippines Mary Joy Regalado is from Manila, Philippines. She is a hardworking, patient and dedicated wife and mother. Mary and her husband struggled... Read More »

Anita – Philippines

Anita Sarmiento – Philippines Anita Sarmiento lives in Davao, Philippines and comes from a large family of twelve children. Her father was a laborer and her mother... Read More »

Margaret – Ghana

Margaret – Ghana Margaret was born and raised in the village of Awosoase, Ghana. As a single mother she often depended upon others in her family and... Read More »

Luis – Peru

Luis Ramirez Cordova – Peru Luis Ramirez Cordova is fifty years old, and lives in Lima Peru. He is married and has a four-year-old son whom he... Read More »

Maria – Peru

Maria Pillaca Noa – Peru Maria Pillaca Noa is a talented seamstress from Lima, Peru. From a young age, Maria was always independent and self-sufficient. Her father... Read More »

Reina – Honduras

Reina Guadalupe Menjivar Velasquez – Honduras Reina Velasquez is a talented hair dresser from Honduras. She is the sole income provider for her family. Her salon is... Read More »

Ramon and Bessy – Honduras

Ramon and Bessy Rivera – Honduras Ramon is the leader of a local Protestant church in Honduras. Seven years ago he married his neighbor and childhood sweetheart... Read More »

Maria – Guatemala

Maria Florentina Samol – Guatemala Maria Samol lives in Chiimaltenango, Guatemala. She and her husband work tirelessly to farm the land, growing vegetables and grains, and provide... Read More »

Marcial – Guatemala

Marcial Ajquejay – Guatemala Marcial Ajquejay is a very hard working farmer from Patzicia, Guatemala. As a husband and father, he has many aspirations and wants to... Read More »

Carlos – Guatemala

Carlos Cujcuj – Guatemala Carlos Cujcuj is a loving father from Chimaltenango, Guatemala. He is married, and has two daughters. He wants to give his daughters every... Read More »

Jovita – Philippines

Jovita Bontilao – Philippines Jovita Bontilao lives in Davao, Philippines. She is married and has six children. Her husband, Anastacio, is a farmer. Jonita is a determined and... Read More »

Melania – Peru

Melania Venancia Portilla – Peru Melania lives and works in Lima, Peru. She is humbled to share her story of love, success and perseverance. Melania has one... Read More »

Elisa – Peru

Elisa Violeta Sosa Asisclo – Peru Elisa is a beautiful, brave and responsible mother of three children. In hopes of providing a better life for her children... Read More »

Sebastiana – Guatemala

Sebastiana Tomas – Guatemala Work and responsibility are two values that were instilled in Sebastiana at a very young age. She is one of seven children, and was the... Read More »

Mario – Honduras

Mario Hernandez – Honduras Mario Hernandez and his wife Elena live in a small home covered in ivy. A beautiful family picture predominantly hangs in their living room. A... Read More »

Enrique – Guatemala

Enrique Lopez Morales – Guatemala Enrique is an optimistic entrepreneur who continues to set high goals and strive to do things better. He along with his wife and... Read More »

Ambrocio – Guatemala

Ambrocio Nicolas Bartolomin Xar – Guatemala Ambrocio Nicolas Bartolomin Xar was born in the village of Caman Patzicia Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Abrociio comes from a large family of ten... Read More »

Gladys – Ghana

Gladys – Ghana Gladys lives in the village of Sankubenase, Ghana. She is a refugee from Nigeria. When she was young she never finished her basic education because... Read More »

Ruth – PERU

Ruth Pari – Peru Mrs. Ruth Pari was born in the historic city of Cusco Peru. She and her husband currently live in Lima Peru. Together they... Read More »

Anita – Philippines

Anita Tampadong – Philippines Anita Tampadong is from the Philippines. She was raised knowing how to work hard. Money was very tight for her family, so she knew... Read More »

Jocelia – Philippines

Jocelia Barsaga – Philippines, San Rafael Center-Tondo Branch Jocelia Barsage only completed the fifth grade of elementary education. Because of poverty, she decided to go with her... Read More »

Roselyn – Philippines

Roselyn Ellazar: Sari-Sari Store & Computer Shop In 2013, a field mentor handed Roselyn a flyer explaining the program of Mentors Philippines (MP) and what loans are available... Read More »

Nancy – El Salvador

Nancy worked hard to raise her three children as a single mother. She ran a snack-selling business out of her home to keep up with the many... Read More »

Neyla – Peru

Neyla was only five when terrorists kidnapped her dad for being a leader in his village in Huánuco, Perú.  She witnessed the inhumane assassination of her father... Read More »
Amina – Ghana

Amina – Ghana

Amina and her husband Yusif live in Kwabeng, Ghana. They have been struggling to find a steady way to provide for their family. Life was quite unbearable,... Read More »
Rosemarie – Philippines

Rosemarie – Philippines

Rosemarie is a widow from the Philippines. Her parents were farmers and she received a mango farm as part of her inheritance when her parents passed away.... Read More »
Marta – Guatemala

Marta – Guatemala

Marta lives in a small village called Patio Bolas, in Tecpan, Guatemala. With her friend, Marta took the initiative to visit the Mentors Guatemala office in 2008.... Read More »
Sugeli - Honduras

Sugeli – Honduras

Sugeli lives in Potrerillos, Honduras with her two sons. Sugeli is an optimistic, kind, and hardworking person. Before working with Mentors Honduras, Sugeli sold fired chicken and... Read More »
Deysi - El Salvador

Deysi – El Salvador

Deysi has always been a hardworking woman. Many years ago she went to technical school to learn to make clothing. With her technical training, she tried to... Read More »
Julia – Peru

Julia – Peru

Julia sells grocery items outside the Institution for Minister of Education. She makes drinks and treats for a small stand that she has run by herself for... Read More »

Selina – Ghana

Selina’s bread has always been in high demand, but unfortunately, she couldn’t raise enough capital to increase her supply until she became involved with Mentors Ghana. With... Read More »
Cristy – Philippines

Cristy – Philippines

At the age of three, Cristy Bernado was adopted by her aunt when her parents could no longer afford to raise her. Reared by her kind aunt... Read More »
Juana – Guatemala

Juana – Guatemala

Juana Gomez Xico lives with her husband and children in Guatemala. They are farmers. Their crops include green beans, corn, squash, and other types of produce. Unfortunately,... Read More »
Eliza - Honduras

Eliza – Honduras

Eliza starts her days early. She feeds five children and her husband, and she makes sure they are ready by 7:00 am to go to school and... Read More »
Rosa - El Salvador

Rosa – El Salvador

Rosa had worked all her life as a machinist in a sweatshop. The long hours of work were hard on her family, but they needed the income.... Read More »
Luis and Lydia – Peru

Luis and Lydia – Peru

Luis Garcia is accomplished, to say the least. He is a science engineer, biologist, and currently studying psychology and chemical engineering. It is hard to imagine why... Read More »
Alomenu - Ghana

Alomenu – Ghana

In Ghana, Africa, Alomenu sold vegetables door-to-door and generated about 3 cedis ($0.75) a day. Her husband often had to travel to find work, leaving Alomenu to... Read More »
Rosalinda – Philippines

Rosalinda – Philippines

Rosalinda has been a client with Mentors Philippines for the past eight years. Before she joined Mentors International, Rosalinda already ran a small sari-sari store and also... Read More »
Imelda – Guatemala

Imelda – Guatemala

Imelda Sanum Zil and her husband, Odgas, have been married for nine years. They live in the area of Patzicia, Guatemala. Imelda worked with her husband in... Read More »
Nicolasa – Honduras

Nicolasa – Honduras

Every day for years, Nicolasa and her husband harvested coffee beans from dawn until dusk. The extremely arduous labor brought only meager wages. The couple’s income wasn’t... Read More »
Lucia - El Salvador

Lucia – El Salvador

Lucia was introduced to Mentors El Salvador through a friend. That was several years ago when Lucia had a small food stand and barely survived. Today, thanks... Read More »
Gabriella – Peru

Gabriella – Peru

There are 3800 different types of potatoes in Peru. Everybody agrees that the birthplace of the potato is in South America. If you have ever feasted on... Read More »