Brireak got a job!

After graduating from high school, Brireak encountered a challenging job market. Lacking additional vocational training or marketable job skills, he found himself struggling to secure employment. His mother, a widow responsible for five children, couldn’t afford to send him to college.

Fortunately, Brireak discovered Mentors International in Cambodia. Eager for guidance, he enrolled in their mentoring program. Through this initiative, he received invaluable support in writing resumes, navigating job searches, and preparing for interviews. The result was a newfound sense of joy as Brireak landed a full-time position as a stock controller at Lucky Mall.

With his newfound job, Brireak not only achieved financial stability for himself but also became a vital contributor to his family’s income. Thanks to the Keystone course he completed, Brireak learned essential money management skills, enabling him to save. Recently, he purchased a motorcycle, which not only sped up his commute to work but also allowed him to offer rides to his mother whenever she needed them. This remarkable transformation is a testament to the positive impact of Mentors International on Brireak’s life and the lives of his family.

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