Caterina and Carlos

Farming can prove to be a challenging profession, as Catarina and her husband Carlos from Guatemala can attest. Specializing in the cultivation of cardamom, they are hard at work from February through October, tirelessly tending to their crops. With only one harvest per year, their income must sustain their family and the educational needs of their three children. Also, managing their finances can be daunting with such infrequent harvests. To supplement their income, Carlos and Catarina also take on side jobs throughout the year.

However, the couple has found a ray of hope through the support of Mentors International. Acknowledging the difficulties of their profession, Carlos and Catarina have set numerous goals and dreams, some of which have yet to come to fruition. Nonetheless, with the encouragement and support from Mentors International, they remain dedicated to their work and are gradually making progress.

Their efforts are not in vain, as evidenced by their ability to significantly improve their living conditions. They now reside in a house constructed with cement blocks, a meaningful upgrade from their previous dwelling made of mud and sticks. While Carlos and Catarina still aspire for further improvements, they are optimistic that they can achieve their goals with continued support from Mentors International.

As a result of their lessons from Mentors International, Carlos and Catarina have opened a savings account for the first time in their lives, amassing $130 for unforeseen circumstances. They have also managed to pay off all their debts, a remarkable achievement.

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