Amazing Transformation in Northern Ghana

Let me introduce you to Fati, a resilient and determined mother and entrepreneur from the northern part of Ghana. Prior to her meeting Mentors International, Fati operated a small kiosk where she sold cereals, grains, and various food ingredients. Unfortunately, her business faced numerous challenges due to its small size and inadequate security, making her vulnerable to theft. Despite these hardships, Fati remained steadfast in her commitment to support her husband and provide for their six children.

Fast forward 18 months of mentoring, and Fati’s life has taken a remarkable turn, all thanks to Mentors International and our dedicated mentors that visit her small village. Through their comprehensive mentoring and training program, Fati gained invaluable skills and strategies that propelled her business forward. With her initial loan of $86 USD, Fati wisely invested in increasing her grain inventory, taking advantage of bulk purchases to maximize her profits.

Motivated by her initial achievements, Fati worked tirelessly to accumulate more funds. With her savings, she set out to fulfill her dreams of constructing a larger shop for her business. Today, her vision is on the verge of becoming a reality, as her new shop nears completion with the help of an additional microloan of only $132 USD.

The unwavering support and guidance provided by Mentors International have brought about a remarkable transformation in Fati’s business. She can now afford to provide her family with nutritious food, clothing, and a comfortable shelter. Fati’s inspiring journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the tremendous impact organizations like Mentors International can have on people’s lives, ending generational cycles of poverty.

Fati aspires to become the leading entrepreneur in her community, and with your support, Mentors International in Ghana can help more determined individuals like Fati turn their dreams into reality. Together, we can create a brighter future for these aspiring entrepreneurs and their families. Join us in empowering Ghanaian entrepreneurs and witness the profound transformation that can be achieved through the unwavering support of organizations like Mentors International. Together, let’s build a better tomorrow!

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