When Guadalupe first started receiving mentoring her monthly income was a mere $100.

Guadalupe is a loving mother to her two-year-old boy. She wished to support her family while not wanting to miss the precious moments with her son at home. Her husband worked as a motorcycle taxi driver, but his income was not sufficient. Determined to help make a difference, Guadalupe decided to start her own store. However, her initial efforts did not yield significant profits, leaving her feeling disheartened.

One day, she came across a publication by the municipal government’s gender equality secretary, highlighting the incredible work of Mentors International. This organization offered personalized business mentoring, and Guadalupe was intrigued. Filled with hope, she attended a meeting, marking her first encounter with Mentors International.

When Guadalupe first started receiving mentoring her monthly income was a mere $100. With unwavering determination, Guadalupe devoted herself to completing her business mentoring assignments. Every day, she diligently promoted her products on social media, striving to enhance her inventory by utilizing available resources wisely. She also began maintaining meticulous financial records, allowing her to track her earnings and identify the most popular items. Through this process, Guadalupe discovered the tremendous demand for sports shoes, which not only generated higher profits but also sold exceptionally well compared to other products.

Utilizing her network of contacts, Guadalupe was able to find space at a local market on the weekend. Weekends became bustling with activity, with sports shoes reigning as the top-selling items. This opportunity served as a catalyst for increased income and an expanded customer base.

After several months of training and mentoring, Guadalupe took a leap of faith and applied for a $500 loan. She wisely invested the loan in additional inventory for her store, a decision that proved to be fruitful. As the season of graduations and weddings approached, her sales skyrocketed. Thanks to the invaluable guidance she received from her mentors, Guadalupe had anticipated the market’s demands and prepared accordingly.

Her monthly income gradually transformed from a mere $100 to a promising $315. Guadalupe ensured she made timely loan payments while also reinvesting some of her profits back into the store, enabling her to offer a wider range of products. In addition to selling women’s shoes and sports footwear, she ventured into selling new clothes. This business decision not only attracted new customers but also became the primary source of her income in recent months.

Guadalupe’s mentoring journey transformed her into a remarkable example of strength, resilience, and empowerment. She embraced the roles of a loving mother and a thriving entrepreneur, all thanks to the unwavering support she received from Mentors International. With each passing day, she continues to progress, fueled by hope and inspiration, creating a brighter future for herself and her family.

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