“In the Dominican Republic, I was teaching business and entrepreneurship principles to young women at two different schools who had been rescued from human trafficking or who are at high risk. These students always would help each other. If someone was having difficulty with a topic, the other students would take the time to help them. If a student was unable to come to class, and we were giving out worksheets, the class would make sure that the absent student would receive the worksheet. They cared for and served each other. It truly was a lesson learned that is often forgotten and taken for granted in today’s busy world. My biggest take away from my experience serving as a SEED intern is definitely kindness, service, and love are never out of style. The people here stick together and always are aware of other’s needs.  I think Mentors International is doing an incredible job and I am grateful that there is an organization like this to provide a hand up, instead of a handout.”

– Brianna K., Utah State University SEED Intern, Dominican Republic

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