Juan had to hire two new assistants

Juan is a young entrepreneur from Lima, Peru. Even though he is single, he financially supports his mother and younger siblings.

Being raised by a single-mother, Juan learned at an early age to work hard. He saw the struggles of his mother, and he wanted to help.

Juan always had the dream of having his own business one day that would allow him to progress financially and support his family now, and his future family one day.

During his teenage years, Juan worked as an assistant in a cell phone store. He was eager and quick to learn everything he could. After much work Juan was able to make the down payment to rent a small place in the local market. Juan started his business of selling, maintaining, and repairing cell phones.

However, this new business had inadequate inventory of accessories, and Juan’s lack of proper tools resulted in loss of customers. Juan wasn’t making enough to help support his mother. The CVOID-19 pandemic affected his business as well, as he was required to close his shop temporarily.

Juan was losing hope. He was afraid that his business would fail when a friend told him about Mentors International. He eagerly began learning better business principles. Keeping detailed records and focusing on his customers have been two principles that have helped Juan improve his business the most.

His first micro-loan was $350 USD and with this, he purchased screens, cell phone chargers, headphones, phone protectors, etc. This was a turning point for Juan’s business. He started to attract more customers. As his business improved he needed to hire two additional assistants to better serve his clients.

Juan said, “I am very grateful to Mentors International because I feel that they treat me like family. They not only gave me capital to improve my business, but they have continually guided me on how to better manage my business. They care a lot about my success and they always give me good advice.”

Juan understands that his success not only benefits him but also those around him. He said, “I want to serve and support my community and share with them what I learned. I know that the best way is, to be honest with my clients and neighbors.”

There is still a long road ahead for Juan and he is aware of it. He must continue to work hard every day to reach his goals. He must always be responsible with his income and save for the future. He wants to move his store to a larger shopping center where more people visit. This will help increase his reach and sales.

His mentor Juan Carlos shared, “As part of the Mentors International team, we wish Juan many successes on his journey. We advise him to always persevere and honor his commitments. Integrity is the most valuable thing that you should not lose. We accompany you in your fight, you are not alone.”

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