Katherine’s ambitions know no bounds.

Katherine is a fighter. Defying the odds, she conquered lung cancer with unwavering strength, even though she had never smoked a day in her life. After she found out she was in remission, Katherine found herself at a crossroads, searching for the next chapter in her life’s journey. And that’s when fate led her to Mentors International.

Katherine discovered she is an entrepreneur with incredible drive. She started her screen printing business and named it “Kreative,” where she sells promotional items.

Katherine has applied the knowledge she has received from taking vocational courses from Mentors International towards growing and developing her business. She has since taken and completed the Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and Keystone Personal Development Course from Mentors International in Nicaragua.

It was after completing the Keystone course, she was inspired to start her second business, Katherine’s Garden Furniture, where she buys and sells metal furniture.

Since her journey with Mentors International began in January 2023, Katherine’s progress has been nothing short of inspiring. Not only has she hired two more employees to support her business, but she’s also diligently reinvesting in her dreams. Katherine recently purchased a motorcycle to help her deliver her products to her clients more efficiently.

Katherine’s ambitions know no bounds. She’s actively searching for a better location for her screen-printing workshop. She also aspires to one day make her own furniture to sell.

The gratitude she feels towards Mentors International is immeasurable. Katherine credits her mentor for inspiring and encouraging her to never give up and to keep progressing little by little.

Katherine’s influence extends beyond her personal journey. She’s an advocate for growth, encouraging her employees to embrace opportunities for development through Mentors International’s courses as well. Her desire to see others’ progress mirrors the compassion that led her to this remarkable transformation.

Katherine’s story is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of mentorship. As she forges ahead, she embodies the very essence of turning adversity into triumph and uncertainty into boundless opportunity.

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