Pius is our new Mentors in Kpong

Mentors International is growing and expanding in Ghana. We recently expanded into the Kpong area and hired Pius as a new Mentor.

(Pictured above left to right) Our Mentors Pius and Douglas, Abigal (our mentee), and Luis, Program Manager for Mentors International.

Pius shared with us:

“During the last few months working with Mentor International, I have come to see this wonderful organization as a beacon of hope not just for the people I mentor, but also for myself. It is a miracle that Mentors International is now in Kpong. I am so grateful that I am able to work for such an impactful and trustworthy organization.

Before joining Mentors International, I had been working to help develop other small businesses. Being employed as a Mentor, now gives me the perfect opportunity further build my capacity and better serve people to become self-reliant. I have always seen it as a privilege to give people some insight into their businesses and how they can make them better.

Applying the programs taught by Mentors International will help people achieve their goals and eventually lead them to sustainable self-reliance. This program is helping change the mindset of people who now see the importance of applying what they are learning in their day to lives and businesses.

My goal for the Kpong area and the people who live here is to mentor as many people as possible. It has challenged me to put to practice what I learn and teach my mentees. I want to educate and mentor my people in this area on the need to become self-reliant and help them to achieve their goals.”

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