The Keystone course was Long’s favorite course.

“Thank you for coming to Cambodia and providing this training opportunity for us. This is a great blessing for us.” – Long from Cambodia.

When Long’s mother passed away, it was just her, her father, and her older sister. Long’s sister works at a garment factory to help bring an extra income for the family. Long wanted to quit school as well so that she could help her family more. After high school graduation, there were few options for good employment, and she didn’t have many marketable skills or money to pay for additional training.

That is when Long learned about Mentors International from a friend. She enrolled in the English language course. Her teachers worked with her on developing her speaking skills and pronouncing the words clearly.

The Keystone course was Long’s favorite course. She learned how to manage and track her personal expenses. Long feels like she takes more responsibility for her actions. She is more self-motivated and feels strong enough to face future challenges. Long is grateful that she is helping support her family now because of her employment.

Because of the training from Mentors International, Long got a job working as a Sales and Marketing officer at LVtronic Co. This company sells electronic equipment such as network cables, modems, security cameras, and more.

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