Two leading mentoring organizations, Mentors International and Lifting Generations, have formally agreed to merge their international and domestic operations, creating one of the largest nonprofit organizations focused on empowering, mentoring, and teaching the world’s poor.

Recognizing common objectives, mutually strong growth patterns, and significant opportunities to achieve enhanced operational efficiency, these organizations will be collaborating synergistically to avoid duplicated efforts.

Lifting Generations brings to the merger a robust, proven, and powerful mentoring model coupled with an educational offering that focuses on skills, growth, and job acquisition. Since 1990, Mentors International has created and supported micro-enterprise through mentoring, business and personal development training, and providing micro-loans.

“We are thrilled with the potential going forward to deliver high-caliber, high-impact mentoring and educational training courses to the world’s poor. We look forward to joining with Lifting Generations to enhance and expand our services throughout the world.” Said Curtis Bennett, CEO of Mentors International.

“Our vision is to become the premier and leading NGO that focuses on sustainably eradicating poverty. Combining the best of both programs focused on personal development, training and education, continual mentoring, and the wise use of micro-credit will accelerate the pathway to greater self-reliance.” Said David Christensen, President of Lifting Generations.

Listen to Curtis and David share a few more thoughts about this exciting merger.

This merger will create one of the largest mentoring teams specifically focused on self-reliance among the very poor. Lasting impact is our objective. The opportunity to break “once and for all” the multigenerational and vicious cycle of poverty in a sustainable way is the objective.

Lifting Generations and Mentors International will merge under a new parent organization name, soon to be announced so stay tuned. Curtis Bennett will assume the role of CEO, and David Christensen will serve as President. Combining the expertise of both teams will create a world-class, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the poor in even more developing countries throughout the world.

Combined we have an international team of professional mentors trained to assist in virtually all circumstances related to self-reliance. This team is comprised of local leaders with a successful track record. They are located in MexicoGuatemalaNicaraguaHondurasPeru, the Dominican RepublicGhanaNepalCambodia, and the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, donations are still tax-deductible. You can make them online or send in a check to our office in Draper.
Mentors International, 65 East Wadsworth Park Dr, Suite 207, Draper, Utah 84020.

YES, we still have solid leadership. Together we are STRONGER and able to serve so many more families.

YES, we are still committed to ending poverty in a sustainable way with a hand-up, not a hand out.

YES, it is still business as usual as we are merging the best of both organizations.

Help us Transform Generational Poverty
into Sustainable Self-Reliance

Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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