Yanet and her Husband Elmer

Yanet’s business took off thanks to a $150 microloan from Mentors International, which she invested in her beauty salon’s inventory with cosmetology products. Operating from a small space in her home, Yanet provided hair cutting, dyeing, and styling services. With guidance from her Mentor, Nilton, Yanet focused on enhancing her shop’s organization, layout, and cleanliness.

Expanding her offerings, Yanet began selling soft drinks, natural products, and herbal supplements to augment her income. Demonstrating a keen receptiveness to Mentors International’s teachings, she remains punctual with her loan payments and has avoided personal debt while starting a savings account.

Grateful for the financial insights gained from Mentors International, Yanet acknowledges how their guidance helped her make sound business investments and encouraged her to create a habit of saving. She attributes her growth to Mentors International, crediting them for opening doors to financial learning.

Inspired by Yanet’s success, her husband launched his own business, utilizing some of the savings Yanet accumulated. Yanet not only benefited from Mentors International but also supported her husband as he started this business. Together, they express their happiness in being part of the Mentors International family.

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