Ambrosio expresses his gratitude to Mentors International for the help and guidance he has been given.

Ambrosio is a hard-working, responsible, and very devoted father. His desire to better the lives of his family is what makes us mentors even more dedicated to our mission.

Ambrosio is the son of farmers and the second son of ten children. He only had the opportunity to study until the third grade due to his family’s poverty.

Ambrosio worked alongside his father from 4 AM until 4 PM every day. He saved what little money he had to rent a “cuerda” (40 by 40-yard) plot of land. He was able to start growing and selling his produce.

Ambrosio’s life changed when he learned about Mentors International. He was able to receive mentoring and business training to improve his enterprise. As a result, he has learned to diversify and plant crops that receive a higher price. He is managing his income, saving for the future, and bringing in-demand produce to local markets. Working side by side with his wife Linda, they are providing for their son and improving their circumstances.

Today Ambrosio rents four cuerdas of land. He rotates his crops between cabbage, carrots, corn, peas, and squash. He has also started digging wells to bring in additional income for his family.

Ambrosio expresses his gratitude to Mentors International for the help and guidance he has been given. He shares that it has changed his vision for his business. Before, he could only plan day-to-day. Everything he earned quickly vanished, and he couldn’t save anything. Today Ambrosio has $790 in savings. He is better prepared for the future. Ambrosio feels like his life is much more peaceful now and has great hope for the future. He wants to make sure that his son will have the educational opportunities that he never had.

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