Guillermo and his mother Maria

When Guillermo first stepped foot into Mentors International, he was consumed by fear. However, through his participation in the Sales and Customer Service Course and the English Courses provided by Mentors International in Peru, he underwent a remarkable transformation. Today, Guillermo not only imparts his knowledge as a private English tutor, but he has also taught English at a local school.

Additionally, Guillermo collaborates with his mother, Maria, in their business of selling used clothing. Guillermo and Maria have received invaluable business mentoring from Mentors International, which has been instrumental in their entrepreneurial journey.

As the eldest sibling, Guillermo assumes the role of a role model, offering guidance and support to his younger siblings. Guillermo encouraged his younger brother to get involved with Mentors International and to start his own entrepreneurial business.

Marcos is their business mentor in Peru. “I have been impressed by the change I have witnessed in Guillermo. I remember him hiding behind his long hair and a hood when he arrived.  Today I see him filled with inspiration, pursuing dreams and goals. He enjoys helping people learn English and participating in his family business of selling clothes. Guillermo and his mother Maria have achieved self-sufficiency and are determined to grow every day, both in business and in their personal lives.”

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