Marcos has been working for Mentors International for ten years.

“I think Mentors International is a wonderful institution. We help people change their habits and have a clearer vision of a life with purpose and self-reliance. Each of our programs are wonderful, and of great value, especially the keystone course has touched the hearts and minds of many people. It is the perfect complement to Mentoring, it helps an entrepreneur or employee to go beyond making money and to have a greater vision and purpose in their life and service.”

“Mentors International helps people change their limiting beliefs and empowers them to accomplish great things.”

“Being part of this powerful team is one of the most enriching experiences for me. It is a privilege to serve as a mentor and instructor and to contribute to the growth and development of people and leaders. I visualize myself helping more individuals every day through the training of mentors and volunteer leaders, thus generating a multiplier effect.”

“I know that there are many talented and resourceful people part of this wonderful team. Together, we can create a better world and promote sustainable self-reliance.”

“I always envision myself as a future sponsor and ambassador of Mentors International. I tell my students that we can all be ambassadors and sponsors at any given time. We can start with our gifts and talents and, sometimes, with our resources. I feel very grateful to each of the donors who make this wonderful organization and all of our programs possible.”

Marcos is a graduate of Systems Engineering and a professional coach. He loves reading personal development books. He is about to celebrate 19 years of marriage with his lovely wife, Isabel. They have three sons, Andrew, Ruben, and Lucero. As a family they enjoy going for walks and sharing their goals and dreams. His favorite dessert is a torta de tres leches, a cake with sweet milk.

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