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Travel to Change the World Instead of Traveling to See the World – Join us on an expedition to see where Mentors International works.

You are invited to personally witness Mentors International’s impact as you travel with us to a developing country.

Meet our clients. Visit with them as they labor in their fields, shops, and homes. Learn about their families, their challenges, their new opportunities, and their goals.

Meet our staff. Each of Mentors’ partner organizations has an executive director who leads his or her team of local administrative staff and loan officers. As you meet them, you will observe Mentors’ powerful leadership abroad.

Enjoy structured travel. All amenities, including lodging, food, and transportation, are planned far in advance to ensure a safe, comfortable, and structured trip. Optional side trips to destinations such as the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala or Machu Picchu in Peru are also included.

An expedition typically begins with a weekend arrival in the destination country and returning the following weekend. We spend 2 to 3 days with each of Mentors’ partner organizations we visit as we talk with local leaders and clients. This will be interspersed with some history and sightseeing. On the last day or two, the itinerary usually includes a visit to a featured tourist destination.

Upcoming Expeditions

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#We need to have a minimum of 8 participants for each expedition

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