You are invited to personally witness Mentors International’s impact as you travel with us to one of our partner countries.

Watch and listen to what others have experienced on a Mentors International Expedition. 

Gather a group of 8 or more people and determine the country you would like to visit. Let us know the dates you would like to travel by contacting us and we will customize an expedition for your group. You can also join an already planned expedition. There are many options and opportunities. Learn more below.

For more information or to sign up for an expedition email info@mentorsinternational.org, or call 801.676.7776. 

Meet Our Clients

Visit with them as they labor in their fields, shops, and homes. Learn about their families, their challenges, their new opportunities, and their goals and dreams. Witness firsthand the success of our programs in helping to lift families and entire communities out of extreme poverty. Have the opportunity to purchase their homemade goods and invest in the progress of their small businesses.

Meet Our Staff

Each of Mentors International’s country branches has an executive director who leads his or her team of local administrative staff and mentors. You can see our mentors in action as they train and teach our clients. When you meet them, you will observe Mentors International’s powerful leadership and impact abroad.

Share Your Talents

Do you have experience in leadership, business, communications and more? Share your experience, knowledge, and skills with our loan recipients and our international team. We will arrange a training session for a day or afternoon as part of your experience. Inspire and motivate others to dream big. Leave a lasting impact as you share the most precious gift of you. *This is optional and we would only include it upon request.

Service The People

Would you like to spend a day serving the communities where Mentors International works? Working with our local directors we would identify a project that would help serve and improve their communities.

*This is optional and we will only include service projects upon request. Additional fees for materials might be included.

Contact Us

First, email us at info@mentorsinternationl.org
or give us at call at (801) 676-777.
Let us know you are interested in going on an expedition.


We will discuss with you where you think you can have the biggest impact. Let us know where you would like to visit, and your time frame looks like. We will be able to discuss and plan with you tentative itineraries and cost estimates.


Discover the life-changing experience of an expedition. 

You will never be the same again.

 Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Experience Visiting Africa 

Service Expedition to Guatemala