During 2019

our partner branches held

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring teaches us to lift each other up, while creating powerful, positive, long-lasting relationships along the way. 

The term ‘Mentors’ is an crucial part of our name. We believe in the importance of guiding our clients on their path to greater self-reliance. They have a trusted colleague to turn to when they have questions and need advice.

Many of our clients have had little education and even fewer opportunities. With mentoring comes a new found confidence, which empowers our clients to move forward building their own successful futures.

We assign each of our clients a mentor.

These mentors provide a high degree of ongoing, personalized training and mentoring.

The knowledge and encouragement clients receive from their mentors are vital to their success as they build and grow their businesses and become self-reliant.

Maria Pillaca, (pictured on the right) from Lima Peru, with the help of her mentors, was able to grow her furniture upholstery business. With the encouragement and support of her mentors, she is investing the in expansion of her business which is now created custom pieces of furniture.

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Our mentors are local leaders with a track record of successful volunteer work.

We use local talent who have and/or develop a one-on-one relationship with each client.

Our mentors respectfully help our clients model and acquire essential character traits.

Our mentors help focus resources (loans, training, and people) on localized business opportunities.

We respect that individuals see happiness and prosperity differently. That vision may evolve as basic needs are met.

As Mentors International provides opportunities to our clients, local staff tailors services, not just to broad cultural or geographic differences – but down to the individual’s needs and wants.


With our recent merger with Lifting Generations we are focusing more on one-on-one mentoring.

Individuals are mentored on how to track income and expenses, pay off debt, and set aside money for savings each month. By providing sustained direction and support, our mentors cultivate a community that lifts everyone involved. They learn how to find and secure a job or how to start their own small business.

Currently we are taking the best of both programs to create a “world-class” mentoring program. During the fourth quarter of 2019 our program managers have personally been training and certifying all of our team to become certified mentors. We are look forward to sharing the impact and success stories from our improved mentoring program.

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.”

- Lailah Gifty Akita

Mentoring also brings light to what it means to become an advocate for a better world.

Together, mentors and mentees learn that being advocates for oneself and others embodies strength, leadership and empowerment while honoring different advocacy styles, approaches and tactics. Advocates can proactively mobilize and vocalize for change or can use role modeling in a subtle yet profound approach.

A true mentor will encourage others to pull for change, through simply modeling the lived example of their everyday lives.

Muhammad Ali lives on as a worldwide example of a true mentor. We can all continue to learn from his legacy of advancing diversity and inclusion, his strategic advocacy for a better world, and how he engaged people globally through formal and informal mentoring.

In the words of his widow, Lonnie Ali, “Mentors are special gifts to the world. They encourage, motivate, reinforce, and guide others to reach their own individual greatness. After all, mentors have the power to transform lives.”

Educational & Business Training

We provide educational training for job placement and growth. We also provide personalized business training that helps struggling entrepreneurs make sound business and financial decisions. Teaching life skills and principles, fostering leadership, and commitment. 

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Financial Solutions

Microcredit, or a micro-loan is just one part of the solution in ending extreme poverty. Mentors International provides an array of financial solutions including savings, life insurance options, and independent loans. 

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Our Impact

During 2019, thanks to generous donations we loaned out over $65 million USD to impoverished entrepreneurs throughout the world. The number of families and communities we are able to serve is continually growing. 

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