“Being more self-sufficient makes us feel good. I feel dignified and I appreciate the advice and knowledge that they (my mentors) share with us. I know that it is up to me to put into practice what I have learned.” – Angelina

And put it into practice she has…

Angelina lives in the small town of Diriomo in Nicaragua. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, her husband lost his job. Previously he had taken our English course to help him improve his career and income, which was a great blessing and helped their family. But the pandemic left so many out of work that their best option was to start their own business. They knew that Mentors International provided business/entrepreneurial training and both Mariana and her husband were eager to enroll in our course.

Together they built two coops for raising and butchering chickens. They applied our lessons to help market their business and let people know that they now sell chicken meat. They work very hard to provide quality fresh and clean meat. They want their customers to know that they are an honest business. They have set the goal to save part of their income so that they can build a third chicken coop helping them raise more chickens, and increase their revenue.

They are their own bosses. Angeline is able to work at their business and still take care of their young 2-year old son. They have tripled their income and now are making around $230 a month.

Angelina is very grateful for the business principles that she was taught. She is grateful for the on-going mentoring that she has received. Angelina is pictured above with her mentor Larry.

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