Bopha Found a Job

Bopha was unemployed and looking for work when she connected with Mentors International in Cambodia. She able to help her with her resume and interview skills. They also were able to help connect Bopha to some job opportunities.

The Keystone course offered by Mentors International played a pivotal role in guiding Bopha toward a positive mindset shift and cultivating goal-oriented habits. Integrating these invaluable lessons into her personal and professional spheres, Bopha improved her financial management knowledge and took a proactive approach to saving for the future.

Thanks to the support from Mentors International, Bopha landed a rewarding position as a payment support officer at Wing Bank, a reputable financial institution known for its integrity. Now, with a steady and fulfilling job, Bopha is saving money to contribute to her upcoming wedding.

Bopha’s journey showcases the valuable impact of mentorship on one’s life.

“Thanks to Mentors International, I feel successful. Samnang, my financial mentor, gave me great advice. I am able to make plans for my money and set clear goals. Now, I’m excited about getting married, and I believe we’re ready for a successful marriage because of the lessons and opportunities from Mentors International.” – Bopha

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