Life has changed for Ann.

In the beginning, Ann was very shy and hesitant about telling people about her amazing cakes and pastries. BUT her determination and drive to provide a better life for her family gave her the course she needed.

Guided by Mentors International, Ann became very receptive to the business lessons she was receiving. In merely two months, she began to set aside earnings, meticulously tracking every cent, all aimed at paying off her personal debts.

Ann began putting herself out there and telling people about her business and products. As more orders started coming in, her confidence grew, as well as her income.

Millicent, her Mentor, shared with us, “I have been amazed by Ann’s energy and her dedication to following the business principles being taught. Ann particularly likes the principle about the “Law of the Harvest”, you get out what you put in, and the principle of developing an attitude of gratitude. Ann has taught me how powerful our minds and beliefs are towards our actions and shaping our lives.”

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