Today Fred’s dream is coming true, and he is purchasing a new washing machine.

In the small town of Ngomongo, Kenya, lives Fred, a widower who navigates life as a loving father to three children. His story stands as an example of the remarkable transformation that can occur through the power of mentoring.

When we first met Fred, he was struggling trying to make ends meet with his laundry enterprise. He was very frustrated with the stagnant state of his business and his life. He felt very alone trying to provide the best for his children. That was when Mentors International came into his life. Our mentors helped teach Fred business principles and encouraged him not to give up.

With a newfound purpose, Fred got to work. He started organizing his business. Decluttering, cleaning, and improving the look inside and out. This was not accomplished in a day. It took several months and many mentoring visits. Fred’s learned how to keep detailed records. This helped him better understand his profits and expenses. He was able to better budget and save. Today Fred’s dream is coming true, and he is purchasing a new washing machine.

Fred stands as a living testament to the potential that lies within when nurtured by MENTORING and the desire for positive change.

Our mentor Millicent describes Fred as an example of resilience and encouragement to others. Every monthly visit and every follow-up with him gives her a new insight that helps her become a better person.

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