Millicent from Kenya

Millicent Ware has been a part of Mentors International in Kenya since its opening in 2022.

Millicent shared with us, “I think Mentors International is the best and most amazing organization. It not only teaches and guides people with limited resources toward sustainable self-reliance, but it is an organization that has principles and embraces values.”

“Mentors International teaches how to take initiative. By giving individuals one on one mentoring, it brings out the potential in them. Our programs are unique and effective because they focus on the mentee. We listen to their goals and dreams and try to empower them to make it a reality. This has brought a tremendous positive impact because they know that our team at Mentors International is genuinely concerned about their well-being. I feel that Mentors International in Kenya has become a family, with our mentors, mentees, and families being positively impacted for good.”

Millicent looks forward to the future expansion of Mentors International and being able to mentor and teach even more people not just in Nairobi, but in surrounding cities.

Millicent has a 20-year-old son. He is 6ft 2 in tall and loves soccer, I.T., and is a good singer. He is getting ready to serve a LDS mission in Kampala, Uganda next month.

Millicent was a kindergarten teacher and is a trained trainer in a leadership program. She loves to cook and try out new recipes. She also likes to crochet and sing. Millicent’s favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream.

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