“Never stop learning” is part of Aurea’s personal creed.

“Never stop learning” is part of Aurea’s personal creed. Looking back on Aurea’s self-reliance journey this past year is inspiring and unforgettable.

Aurea owns her own dessert business making cakes, flans, and jellies. She was running her business out of their family home in the small Hoctun region of Mexico. It was a tiny enterprise, not making much profit.

When Mentors International came to her community and started teaching business lessons, she was among the first to sign up. As she began to apply the principles taught, her business started to improve. Motivated to keep her progress going, Aurea enrolled in the vocational Sales and Customer Service course from Mentors International. The mentoring and sales course completely changed the way Aurea thought and the way she did business.

She started looking for new opportunities. She reached out to other small shops in Hoctun for them to distribute her desserts. She found four stores that distribute her desserts. With the increase in demand, she needed to find a way to keep up with her production.

Aurea then applied for a micro-loan. She invested these funds into a larger semi-industrial over, allowing her to make more cakes, and reducing her production time. She also added more variety to the types and flavors of desserts she made. Word is spreading, and Aurea is becoming well-known for her flavorful and quality cakes.

She continues to look for additional ways to save time and reduce her production costs. She is investing her profits back into her business. She is purchasing other equipment and decorating tools with her revenue. She is also saving part in hopes of future expansion and purchasing additional equipment.

Aurea knew she still had much to learn. She wanted to promote her business, so she enrolled in the vocational Digital Marketing Course from Mentors International, where she learned to promote her business better.

As part of her continuing education, Aurea completed the Keystone Personal Development course from Mentors International. Aurea shared with us that this course helped her have a clearer vision for her life and be more disciplined in achieving her goals.

Her weekly sales have increased by 250%. Allowing her to acquire more decorating tools for her business, pay off her micro-loan, and contribute financially to help support her family.

It is gratifying to see Aurea’s progress in these months and how, with the knowledge acquired, she is discovering new ways to improve her life in many important aspects that benefit her business and her family.

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