Azura Baba sells cabbage, peppers and palm oil. Every week she spends about 7-8 hours riding the commercial bus into the nearest city so that she can buy the fresh produce and supplies for her shop.

Azura was able to invest her micro-loan into purchasing more inventory when she makes her weekly trips. Azura is very grateful for the ongoing weekly trainings she is receiving from Mentors Ghana. She is now planning for the future and looking for ways to improve her business.

She is saving for a down payment on a covered truck so that she doesn’t have to spend so much time away from her daughters when she is traveling to the big city. Azura has recently hired three additional mothers to help with the palm oil portion of her business. These mothers are grateful for the work and opportunity to provide for their children.

Azura is most grateful that she can afford to send her daughter to school as wall as pay for the necessary books and supplies.

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