Cinthia applied the lessons learned from her vocational training to start a new business.

Cinthia, a devoted mother of three, desired to improve her skills and knowledge but faced financial constraints, residency issues, and the challenge of caring for her young children. Thankfully, the availability of online courses from Mentors International allowed her to pursue her educational goals from the comfort of home while tending to her family.

Originally from Peru, Cinthia now lives in Guatemala with her husband, Luis, who is a Guatemalan citizen. Encouraged by her sister’s success with Mentors International in Peru, Cinthia was thrilled to discover its presence in Guatemala.

Cinthia and her sister started on their learning journey together, enrolling in the Graphic Design class offered by Mentors International from their respective countries. Today, Cinthia and her husband, Luis, are enrolled in a computer class to enhance their job prospects.

Thanks to our job-focused online training, Cinthia and her sister started taking graphic design classes from their respective countries simultaneously. Cinthia is working on getting her Guatemala residency to get better job opportunities.

Together, Cinthia and her husband, Luis, are working to buy their land and one day build a home for their family.

In addition to her educational pursuits, Cinthia has launched an online clothing store, a testament to the transformative impact of the skills acquired from her classes. The Graphic Design course taught her how to edit captivating images and even design her own logo, significantly boosting the growth of her business. Her monthly income went from $200 to $500, a substantial improvement that has brought hope and stability to her family.

Grateful for the unwavering support of Mentors International and the life-changing opportunity to learn despite life’s challenges, Cinthia expresses her heartfelt appreciation. It is through the guidance and resources provided by Mentors International that she has been able to achieve self-sufficiency, a testament to the organization’s commitment to empowering individuals like her.

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