Astrid has tripled her income.

Astrid’s life has been transformed over the last six months since Astrid started receiving business mentoring from Mentors International in Guatemala.

The business lessons motivated her to improve her business operations and customer relations. Astrid improved her shop with a fresh coat of paint, a new sign, and an expanded menu.

Astrid currently has only one employee, but her goal in the next few months is to hire additional employees as the business grows.

Before meeting Mentors International, Astrid struggled with her bookkeeping. Her records were a mess. She didn’t know how to determine how much to sell items for and didn’t know if she was making a profit. Astrid also didn’t keep her personal finances and her business finances separate.

Over the last six months, Astrid’s income has tripled, and she now makes about $200 a month.

Astrid shared, “Today, I have better control of my business. I see it as a personal success to earn my own salary and enjoy working in a business I love. I want my eatery to be known as a place where people come to enjoy themselves while eating delicious food. I am grateful for my mentor, who supported me and helped me change my mindset. I now feel empowered to accomplish my goals because of the lessons I have been taught. I will never stop looking for opportunities to learn.”

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