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Matilde was excited to be accepted into the entrepreneurial hammock weaving program that is part of a collaboration between Cultural Missions, which offered technical training, and Mentors International, which provided business mentoring. The initial supply of thread helped Matilde kickstart her business with great success, specializing in weaving both hammocks and hammock chairs.

Matilde shared with us, “I am very grateful to the support of Mentors International and for the threads to weave hammocks. Currently, I have already made seven hammocks and two saddles with the support. I bought more threads with the profits. I have started saving money for any unforeseen future emergency. My added income has helped me a lot. I am able to pay for my therapy because I suffer from depression. What I can say is that thanks to the support from this Mentors International program, I am motivated to keep going. Thank you very much!”

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