Pictured on the right is Diego. His mother and brother are to the left.

Diego and his younger brother grew up in a high-crime area, but their mother, Vilma, a determined necessity entrepreneur, worked hard to provide a better life. Despite the challenges, she instilled in them the values of honesty and hard work.

Vilma shared,  “We live in an area that has many dangers. Bad examples have surrounded my children, but I have taught them to be good men and to make an honest effort to get ahead without the need to follow the gangs that cause trouble.”

Diego has completed the Graphic Design Course and several English courses from Mentors International. He was grateful for these learning opportunities. He couldn’t find a well-paying job after graduating high school, and he was sharing the money he made with his mom to help support their family.

Diego shared that confidence was one of the most valuable skills he gained from Mentors International. “I am a very quiet person. I never thought I could get up before a group of people and present and instruct them. My experiences with my teachers and classmates at Mentors International helped prepare me to succeed at my job. I have gained the confidence to present my ideas to my co-workers and clients. This has helped me improve my job situation.”

Today, Diego works as a graphic designer for a company that imprints logos and sayings on promotional items. His work experience has helped improve upon the graphic design skills he learned from Mentors International. He has been promoted to a junior designer with his own portfolio of clients. Thanks to his current income and the study skills he learned from Mentors International, he has started attending a local university to study business. After graduation, Diego wants to start his own business.

Diego reflects, “Thanks to Mentors International, I work in my field of interest, support my mom, and pursue my education. I see a different life ahead.”

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