From hopeless to hopeful.

From student to teacher. From hopeless to hopeful, Chigozie shares that hope with everyone she teaches.

Chigozie dreamed of attending college, but she and her family didn’t have enough money to pay tuition. Chigozie lived near our Mentors International education center in Lilongwe, Malawi, and she noticed students walking to school. She asked where they were going, and they invited her to start learning from Mentors International.

Chigozie was excited about this new education opportunity. She valued this opportunity to get an education with no financial burden but your time and service. Her journey began in May 2022 when she enrolled in the Microsoft Suite course. Displaying exceptional dedication, she excelled as one of the most committed students. She then enrolled and completed the Graphic Design course. The Keystone Personal Development Course inspired Chigozie to start her own business. She started a small roadside stand selling maize flour, legumes, rice, cooking oil, and other cooking supplies.

One year later, Chigozie applied to be an English instructor at our education center. Her classes are a testament to her love and dedication, demonstrating that success is achievable through hard work. Today, Chigozie has enrolled in the BYU Pathway College program to pursue a degree in business management. Employed by Mentors International, she covers her tuition expenses and expertly balances her roles as both teacher and student.

Chigozie implemented the financial training into her personal life and up enough money to purchase a laptop to aid her in her college studies.

Chigozie is still running her small side business of selling produce and cooking supplies, but now she has hired an employee to run her shop while at school.

Reflecting on her journey, Chigozie remarks, “My experience of studying and working with Mentors International has increased my confidence and helped me to believe in myself. I know it is my responsibility, not my parents, to improve my future.”

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