Daniel and his family meeting with their Mentor Moyo

Financial literacy is one of the crucial lessons that Mentors International provides. Daniel was committed to implementing these lessons and kept detailed records. These helped him see improvements in his business and in his personal finances. Demonstrating dedication, Daniel consistently saved a portion of his income with the specific goal of buying a motorcycle and starting a taxi service, creating an additional income source. His commitment has paid off, as he successfully achieved this goal.

Daniel, a farmer with a family legacy spanning multiple generations, is a devoted husband and father that wants the best for his family. Farming is a seasonal business, and so Daniel was looking for other means of supporting his family. Through the business mentoring and training provided by Mentors International in Malawi, Daniel has experienced significant growth. He has diversified his business and started raising goats and pigs, with the intention of selling their meat.

Daniel shared with us one of the most memorable lessons he received, emphasized time management. This lesson enabled him to appreciate the value of every minute throughout the day. He specifically focused on the importance of setting goals with a defined time frame, a practice that has instilled in him a sense of accountability for his time usage.

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