Claudia in front of her store

In the small town of Cuautla, Mexico lives Claudia – a resilient widow and devoted mother of two. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of determination, seizing opportunities, and the invaluable support of Mentors International.

Imagine cleaning a sculptor’s studio and tirelessly awaiting overdue payments while juggling the responsibilities of being the sole provider for your family. This was Claudia’s reality. When a friend from her church introduced her to Mentors International’s life-changing business classes, Claudia found hope.

Claudia faithfully attended the business classes. She started developing her business plan with faith that this would improve her family’s future.

With each passing lesson, Claudia continually worked on her business plan. Armed with newfound knowledge, she negotiated with her employer, ensuring she’d receive her hard-earned wages promptly upon the sale of his next art piece.

Ready to start her entrepreneurial journey, Claudia secured a modest one-room shop and utilized her Mentors International learnings to manage her finances wisely. She compared suppliers and reinvested in her business while turning every challenge into an opportunity.

Claudia continues to evaluate the market, listen to her customers, looking to fulfill missing needs. She has added more grocery items to her stationary store and is experiencing great success. She is grateful that she can provide more for her children.

“My mentor gave me the confidence and the motivation to start my own business. It is scary to start something new, but I am doing this. I am finding success. I want to grow my business and, in the future, be able to hire additional mothers so that they can provide for their families as well.” – Claudia

Claudia’s tale is a testament to the transformative impact of education, resilience, and the unwavering support provided by Mentors International. Join us in celebrating her triumph and let it inspire us all to turn dreams into reality.

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