Edith is achieving her dreams.

Five years ago, Edith wrote down her business goal on a sheet of paper. “I want to run my own cafeteria.”

After completing the business lessons from Mentors International, she started her entrepreneur journey with a small $200 loan. She began selling snacks from her home and as a street vendor. In the beginning, she was making about $75 a month.

Today Edith accomplished her dream and opened her cafeteria.

Edith shared with us “I call my cafeteria a blessing. We finally bought it. God allowed me the opportunity to purchase the right to work here. I am very excited and trying to use all the business principles I have been taught in full. Thank you very much Mentors International for helping me with good advice, mentoring, training, and financing. You were always there for me.”

Edith has experienced a significant increase in her income, generating employment opportunities and ensuring a stable financial support for three more individuals.

Furthermore, she expanded her home by constructing new bedrooms and laid ceramic tile flooring.

Edith takes great pride in her daughters’ high school graduation, and they are currently pursuing their studies at the university.

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