Tes is grateful for Mentors International and the direction they have given her

“When I was studying Intermediate English with Mentors International my reading, speaking, and grammar skills improved dramatically. One thing of note is that Mentors international helped me to prepare my “Plan Life” (Personal Creed) through the Keystone Personal Development Lessons. For instance, I have now set clear daily goals and made future plans that provide me with a more optimistic outlook for the future.”

“Mentors international is a very inspired association for our new generation. Challenging them to become more self-reliant to help their families, to become better students, and to learn how to study. Mentors International is inspiring us to serve other people in our community and to look around and see where help is needed.”

Tes now has a job working for the CCF Organization. She works hard to help support her parents and siblings. One day she wants to own her own business. She has faced many difficulties in her life, but she is grateful for Mentors International and the direction they have given her.

Tes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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