Growing a Successful Business

Eloisa dreamed of going to college, but there was not enough money for tuition. So, Eloisa went to work at her parent’s second clothing hand shop. A friend of hers told her about Mentors International and the business training that they provide. Eloisa was paired up with her mentor, Esperanza and was eager to change her destiny. As Eloisa started implementing the business principles, she was being taught by her mentor her family’s business started to grow. They were able to source better clothing for their shop. Eloisa started doing research to make sure that they were selling their clothing at the correct price, and for the first time Eloisa was keeping correct records for her parent’s business.

Soon they needed to hire additional employees to help in their shop. They have formed salaries for all the employees and have paid off all of their business debts.

Eloisa has doubled her income, and she is saving money with plans to enroll in the university next year and study business administration.

Eloisa’s parents are grateful for the success of their business. They feel more confident about the future and take pride that they can pass on a successful business to their children.

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