Juan Carlos is an example of a dedicated father who is working hard to give his daughter the very best.

“From Mentors International, I learned that it is never too late to learn. We must take great care of what we sow because that is what we will reap. We must plan time every day for studying. It is the best investment of your time. Before I started learning from Mentors International, I was a musician with no job. I didn’t know how I would take care of my family. Today I have received several job offers where I could choose the best one. My outlook on life has changed for the better. I am very grateful for Mentors International, and one day I would like to become a teacher who is filled with love and patience.” Juan Carlos

Meet Juan Carlos, a resident of Managua, Nicaragua, whose life took a remarkable turn for the better thanks to the support of Mentors International. Juan Carlos lives with his wife Maribel and their ten-year-old daughter Nahomi. (She is pictured above)

Juan Carlos recently graduated from our vocational web-development course. He has also completed our graphic design, and sales and customer service courses. Combining these certifications helps our graduates stand out from other job applicants. Juan Carlos was offered several job opportunities after completing these vocational courses from Mentors International.

Juan Carlos’ teacher describes him as enthusiastic with the spirit of improvement. When faced with life’s challenges, he didn’t let himself become defeated. On the contrary, he finished his assignments with responsibility and great attention to detail. After completing his web-development course, he had the opportunity to start an internship.

Shortly after, he was hired by a company associated with Mentors International. They like to hire the highly qualified students that complete our vocational training. Juan Carlos was initially hired as a graphic designer and was quickly transferred to their sales department because of his knowledge of website development and sales skills.

Juan Carlos’ service project for his last course was to help design new logos for some local small business owners receiving mentoring from Mentors International in Nicaragua. Juan Carlos is also applying the lessons of self-reliance to his personal life. He has started a savings account and has one month’s salary saved.

Witnessing Juan Carlos’s growth reminds us that with unwavering determination, guidance, and a sprinkle of hope, one can overcome obstacles and embark on a transformative journey towards a purposeful, successful, and joyful life.

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos with the other members of his web development class.

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