International Daughters Day on the fourth Sunday in September celebrates the girl child.

Even today, some cultures see girl children as burdens. Families with daughters carry a stigma. This celebration helps eliminate traditions which help to maintain the view of a girl child as less than desirable. These traditions and views are still being practiced in some underdeveloped countries today.

Mentors International would like to encourage families to approach this day as an opportunity to be thankful for the life of a girl child.

Many daughters spend this day with their families and look forward to making memories with loved ones.

As varied as the international celebrations, our daughters come with a variety of personalities, too. While one is spunky and adventurous, another will outwit us in a second. They win our hearts immediately. Our instincts may tell us to protect them. However, they’re more likely to protect us just as fiercely. Daughters simply deserve to grow and learn and explore like any other person in the world.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalDaughtersDay

Celebrate your daughter. Spend the day with your daughters. Allow them to teach you something you didn’t already know. Listen to their aspirations. No matter their age, look forward to what your daughters will accomplish.

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