“The program and the classes have been of great help and motivation. Every time my mentor came to teach me a lesson, I always learned something new, something I had never heard before… and it was a great assistance to my progress. I feel blessed to have the support of my mentor. I never was taught how to correctly budget, be organized, and keep financial records. Having the support of Mentors International Foundation is a great blessing in my life”. – Cristian, from Mexico

Cristian is a dedicated mother who wants the best opportunities for her 6-year-old son. He needs special care and therapy because he has a learning disorder, she takes him 2 or 3 times a week to a special clinic for treatments. As a single mother, this requires much of her time and financial resources.

Cristian started a small business selling juices on the street with two small borrowed coolers, to keep her juices. It did not generate enough revenue to cover her basic needs. She learned about Mentors International and started participating in our mentoring program in Mexico. As part of the training, Cristian was taught how to develop and execute a business plan. Little by little, she was investing in larger coolers and umbrellas to protect her from the sun. Another improvement she has made was investing in advertising in order to boost her sales.

She is trying hard to apply the lessons she had been taught and to change some personal habits.

When Cristian started her business, she sold an average of 40 or 45 liters of juice a day in one location, TODAY she has 3 locations where she is selling 180 to 190 juices a day. She has managed to generate the necessary income to cover her household expenses and her son’s therapy expenses

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