Lina’s Tienda

Our director in the Dominican Republic, Ruth describes Lina as a woman of excellence. She seeks knowledge and she is an example to everyone in her community with her honesty and work ethic.

Lina ran a small shop selling soaps and detergents. After graduating from our business course, she received her first micro-loan of about $370 dollars. She invested her loan into additional products for her store.

Lina asked for us to please continue to MENTOR her so she would not lose focus on growing her business. (This is something we already provide, but Lina was so enthusiastic about what she had been taught, she didn’t want to stop learning.)

Lina has continually implemented the suggestions she has received from her MENTORS. One of those suggestions she implemented was to conduct a survey of her customers to make sure that she was selling the products that they wanted. Another suggestion from her MENTOR was that she add pictures on the outside of her shop so that people who do not read know that she is selling more than just detergents now.

Every month that Lina buys merchandise, she will send a video message to her MENTOR and report on how her business is doing. With joy she always says:

“My business has grown and I have not had to go into any more debt!”

What was once a small shop selling soaps and detergent, TODAY Lina has expanded and she is selling: clothes, household dishes, shoes, detergents, and many other items.

Lina paid off her small loan ahead of schedule in 7 installments instead of 12. Her business is doing so well that another financial institution offered her a business loan, but Lina turned them down. She does not want to go into unnecessary debt. She is grateful to Mentors International for providing that first small loan that helped her get started, but she is even more grateful for the knowledge she has acquired to expand her business and become a successful businesswoman.

“That is why we call these micro-loans “Financial Solutions”. This is a solution, not a burden. These small loans provide opportunities, not challenges.”

Her goal for the future is to add a second level to her store which will serve as a home for her and her family. (You can see from the picture below that she is starting the process.)

The cycle of generational poverty has stopped with Lina.

“My MENTORS believe in me! Ruth helps me set goals and teaches me how to look for new business opportunities. My tienda has become a great success! May God bless everyone involved in supporting Mentors International. You are bringing hope to the hopeless.” Lina shared with us.


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